Whether you are being harassed by insurance or collection agencies, unfairly persecuted by Centrelink or other governmental bodies, or have run into an impenetrable wall of bureaucracy with a business or other “official” agency, I provide the service of arguing on your behalf. Acting as your representative or proxy, I apply my philosophical reasoning to out-lawyer any lawyer, using the legal frameworks available to make a case on your behalf, seeking a resolution amenable to you.

This process begins with you telling me your story in detail, providing any relevant documents and previous communications. After extensively researching the relevant legislation or policies, I compose your responses until the point of resolution.

In some cases advocacy will require that you nominate me officially as your point of contact, and in all cases I not only guarantee full disclosure with you, but also ironclad privacy and confidentiality. While I cannot always guarantee a successful or desired outcome to your predicament, my record speaks for itself as to my argumentative prowess and proficiency in navigating intentionally obtuse bureaucratic systems. Further, I have a firm conviction to Natural Justice and seek equality for all people, so if you need someone in your corner against the faceless machine, I am far cheaper and more expedient than any lawyer.