Computer Services

I have been fixing and building computers for over fifteen years. Initially birthed from necessity, my interests in computers and electronics have evolved from simple software fixes and hardware repair into the realm of extreme overclocking and watercooling of systems. I build everything; from unique custom computer enclosures in steel, wood and acrylic mediums, to simple, no-fuss personal computers, built to any budget.

Having no commercial relationship with any manufacturer or supplier, my advice and recommendations are based only on the quality of the hardware and software. I strive to create purpose-built systems that surpass expectations and waste no resources. As a member of a number of online computer enthusiast communities, I can also source high-quality, secondhand parts for a fraction of the cost of building a completely new system.

In addition to system building and hardware repair, I also offer virus, spyware and malware removal and prevention, as well as data recovery. All of my work comes with a three-month guarantee, and if I cannot solve your problem, there will never be anything to pay.