It is my belief as a philosopher that everything is language, including the very Nature we are emergent from. It has been written that In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and I am motivated by this very idea. Language was my first instrument, and continues to be my greatest passion in life. A proliferate writer myself, I am driven to improve any piece of writing that comes across my desk or monitor.

The editing process involves a number of different stages, most often beginning with a line edit, and occasionally macro structural editing, when necessary. During the line editing process I analyse and address the creative content, voice, style and language use, at both the sentence and paragraph level. Ensuring that your content is clear, pleasurable to read, and both fluid and fluent in its exposition, I evaluate and recommend ways to improve your content to precisely convey your intended meaning to your intended audience, without clich├ęd trope, problematic generalisations or unnatural phrasing. It is during the line editing process that I avail to you my own decades of experience with language and writing, elevating the quality of any content to a professional academic level.

The copyediting service I provide follows an exhaustive and rigorous process demanded by my own professional standards and tendency toward perfectionism, addressing any imperfections in a document on an exacting technical level in accordance with industry standards. My obsession with details and consistency always ensure that grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation are polished on every page, preparing any document for final publication. In this process I confirm every fact, date, name and claim within the document, providing all source references.