Unique Services

Decades of specialist inquiry has left me with quite the vocabulary, and the ability to translate technical jargon in both directions. I can both interpret complex legal and technical documents into simple to comprehend language, and also the reverse; translating common parlance into the specialist language of any number of fields. I believe that everything is language, and that it is the role of the philosopher to be able to explain the mysteries of the universe to even a child. In this, I can assist you by translating dense, technical or difficult-to-understand documents – even books – providing a simple-to-understand, line-by-line translation, or a summary digest of the content.

From complex academic and scientific papers, medical and dental reports, to legal and official documents, I can translate your content, providing an interpretation based on the conventions of the unique specialisation, as well as an accompanying glossary of terms within the specific context of the language employed. In something between an editorial style sheet and a Rosetta Stone, I provide an easy-to-follow directory to further translation of other documents within the same convention.

Reverse engineering this process enables me to translate essential ideas into the appropriate technical jargon of any given specialisation, applying appropriate use of terminology and phrasing. The taxonomy of elocution can be very specific in its codification, according to differing conventions and histories, and it is my specialty to understand these varying conventions intimately. Similar to the process of specialist content creation, any time spent on research to achieve proficiency in a new specialist lexicon is charged at a greatly reduced rate.