Why Hire a Freelancer?

Whether you represent the interests of a Fortune 500 company, or those of a small cadre of individuals who wish to stand out from competitors, there are many ways in which I can be of benefit to your project. As a freelance writer and editor, I can breathe fresh life into any idea which has had its brilliance dulled by fluorescent lighting and excessive working groups manifesting the same tired corporate culture.


While it is true that familiarity often breeds contempt, I only take on projects that are of interest to me, and resultantly, I approach every project with not only fresh eyes, but also genuine enthusiasm for the work itself. Further, while factory and office work often has an unspoken culture of learning how to stretch a ten minute activity over an hour, as a freelancer, my motivations are in the order of learning how to systematically reduce the time taken for any and every task.


There are many reasons to engage a freelancer, including:

  • You only pay for the work, on an on-call basis, with no obligation to provide leave or other entitlements
  • You do not have to provide any physical equipment such as a computer or desk space, or even software, training, instruction, and mentoring, or any of the other needs of permanent, temporary or casual on-site employees
  • Freelancers are non-payroll employees who take care of their own income tax, which means that they can be a procurement-based resource for any project
  • You can engage a freelancer with the specific, unique skillset required for your business, industry or project
  • You can concentrate on your own role and business needs
  • The time and fiduciary costs of human resources onboarding procedures and compliance are far lower
  • Due to current technologies, you can hire a freelancer from the other side of the world if you cannot find the skillset you require locally
  • Freelancers are motivated to work in a competent and efficient manner in order to maintain independent status. They must be hardworking, organised, experienced, intelligent and highly skilled in order to succeed as a freelancer


Finally, I am willing to work under agreements of confidentiality, meaning that you are welcome to take credit for all of my work; for your business, department, or even personally.