Content Creation

I am prolific writer, capable of adopting and emulating almost any written voice and style. After fifteen years of tertiary education, I am acutely qualified to undertake anyone’s research and composition for them. From engaging creative prose to specialist technical writing, it generally takes me only a handful of hours of research and close reading to be able to masquerade as a specialist in almost any field.

What was considered cheating back in school is the contemporary reality for most technical professionals, with many simply unable to find the time to maintain their online presence. I provide high-quality, engaging and technically proficient content for websites and blogs, specifically tailoring content and style to client specifications and intended audience. From postgraduate humanities and social sciences to orthodontics and dentistry, I have many years of experience ghostwriting for a wide variety of clients straddling many various fields, industries and sectors.

Research is a great personal and professional passion of mine, and I am always interested in learning a new specialist lexicon, while forming a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the profession or interest. As such, any project time spent in research to achieve such proficiency is charged at a greatly reduced rate. While the sad reality is that most websites and blogs plagiarise and recycle content from one another constantly, particularly in the realm of specialist content such as dental and medical practices, I offer high-quality, guaranteed original content that sets all of my clients apart from their competitors.

While my website is written in Australian English, I am equally experienced writing and editing within American English conventions.