Creative Solutions

There is some truth to the aphorism that  when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail, in that our perceptual set and orientation to the world often defines how we think about things, and how we go about solving problems. Many people are simply limited by their own unique paradigms, and attempt to solve problems accordingly. I have led an unquestionably interesting life which has exposed me to an amazing array of perspectives and personal experiences, creating a wide range of personal aptitudes. I have worked in farming and animal husbandry, construction, upholstery, automotive manufacturing, information technologies, waste removal, higher education, administration, hospitality, teaching, welfare and a host of other industries. As a result of this diverse experience, I have taken away far more than my remunerations for each role.

Resultantly, I am something of a Johannes Factotum (Jack-of-all-trades), while also striving for expertise in everything that I do. As such, I have a talent for generating novel solutions to both common and uncommon problems. From logistical obstacles to design flaws, to impossible deadlines or incomplete instructions, I have a gift for finding the path of least resistance in most any situation. Professional academic research skills honed over a decade and a half in academia enable me to learn a great deal about a new area of expertise in remarkable time, and I am never limited by my current knowledge base.

When others have given up, considering the task too difficult –  or even impossible –  that is when I can often supply solutions that others may not have considered. Existence is far more magnificent than many will ever appreciate, and every idea has a self-generative quality through which it expresses its own desire to become. I consider it my specialty to translate ideas into reality shared with others.