I operate an online and retail business. My computer is my most important tool of trade! I was devastated to have my computer crash one day. I was unable to even open a page or log in to any software. I called Damien and his approach calmed the situation immediately. He not only resurrected my computer, he added features to improve the security of my PC and data. Two years on, and I have not had another issue. I have also added the security features to my families devices. I cannot recommend Damien more highly. His knowledge and expertise is beyond reprise. – Rif Altay, Ja Jas Collectables Pty Ltd.

Damien Dupuis is an outstanding editor with a fine eye for detail and an exceptional knowledge of the English language. So far he’s assisted me with two projects, one a novella, the other a non-fiction book, and on both occasions I was extremely pleased with the quality of the service he provided. His commitment and expertise far exceeded that of other editors I’ve worked with, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. – Louis Proud, Author

It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Damien Dupuis and utilizing a variety of his specialty services, including copywriting and editing.  He has crafted complex medical articles and translated technical vernacular into a language everyday patients can understand.  It is rare to find someone who has a diverse knowledge base, and the ability to adapt to and master a topic within a short period of time.  He employs painstaking detail in his work and produces drafts which require virtually no editing afterwards.  Furthermore, he is a fast and reliable communicator who asks strategic questions to ensure all parties are on the same page number.  He is equal parts prevention and cure for painful projects which require both professionalism and a touch of flair.  Wholeheartedly, across multiple careers and countless consulting projects, I haven’t met anyone so capable of bringing ideas and projects to life, as Dr. Damien Dupuis. – Noel M.